Jack "Rabbit" McCannry

A cut-rate cardshark and coward, he can't help but stick his nose in.

  • He was a good man
  • He is waiting
Score Total Current
Hands 2 1
Eye 4 3
Guts 3 2
Heart 4 4
  • Twitchy as a groom at a shotgun wedding
  • Fast as a rabbit that’s seen the shadow before him and knows death’s a’coming

Devil: Needs to know.


Jack “Rabbit” McCannry has been hanging around Tranquility for a while now. Tall and spare, he’s been trolling the tables playing a little cards, but he doesn’t seem set on the big win. If I had to say what he’s about, I’d say he’s waiting. Couldn’t say what for or why, but just look at him: always looks like he’s runnin’ a low-grade fever, looks like he’s just ready to bust up from his seat, whips around to look whenever the door opens. Whatever’s keeping him here, it’s got him all sorts of ansy and spookful. He’s got a quick mouth on him, and a bit of a temper, but whatever’s the reason he’s staying low and seems to be in the games more to figure out the what and the who than for any real winnings. Jack was at that game when Frank lost his farm.

Jack "Rabbit" McCannry

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