Nellie Hart ("The Pearl Pistol")


Hand 4 Eye 2 Guts 3 Heart 4

Traits: as bold as brass, as hard as a two penny nail

Past: preacher’s daughter (1) Present: outlaw (3) Devil: infamy


Nellie Hart aka “The Pearl Pistol”

Nellie Hart was born Wendella Taylor in the small town of Medicine Lodge, Kansas, near the Oklahoma border. Her father was the local minister who desperately tried to provide his daughter with the best available education and instill within her good Christian morals. Book learnin’ and Bibles held no thrill for young Nellie, who instead devoured dime novels of outlaws and Indians she stole from the general store. At the age of 16, Nellie became enamored with a young gambler and ne’er-do-well named Bradford Hart. The two eloped, but Nellie soon discovered that her new husband was an abusive drunk. While there is some speculation on how Bradford exactly met his end, Nellie has long claimed that she was the one to put the bullet directly between his eyes. She joined up with the McCarthy Gang, terrorizing Oklahoma and Texas, robbing stagecoaches and rustling cattle, until a falling out with Jed McCarthy forced her to make her own way in the world (and left dear ol’ Jed dead). She has arrived in Santa Domingo to get clear of the Gang’s influence and continue to make a name for herself as an outlaw.

Nellie’s nickname comes from the set of Colt Diamondback revolvers with pearl pistol grips that she wields (stolen off of Bradford’s corpse, which were stolen off another gambler, who had won them in a hand of poker against a showman from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show).

After killing “Bullseye” Beddicker and “The Vulture” in a shootout over land rights to the Westone farm, Nellie finds herself the head of a Mexican gang of thugs led by Menage, sitting pretty as the lady boss of Santa Domingo. You’ll have to check her schedule if you’ve got business to do with her.

Nellie Hart ("The Pearl Pistol")

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